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Today, almost all businesses have entered social media. To make your business special among all those businesses on social media, you have to become a special social media publisher. No matter what industry your business is in, the target customers of your business are literally living there in social media. So, you need to have exceptional content and a strategic approach to attract your target customers.

Our social media team at Pinaaki Infolabs LLP, includes strategies, visual artists, content developers, Instagram Pros, and editors who help you get most out of the social media. Whether you have a small start-up company or a big reputed company, we will tailor and develop the best social media strategy that helps your business survive in social media.

Why Pinaaki for your Social Media Management?

We can provide you with excellent content that can upturn audience engagement for all kinds of social media platforms.

Exceptionally Good Content

We can provide you with excellent content that can upturn audience engagement for all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Our social media managers can transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity and customer follow-ups. We have a team of graphic designers to create beautiful images for your business social media profiles.


Our in-house social media handling team are experts in social media management. They can help you reach people on social media instantly, generate followers, engaging the audience, and increasing website traffic etc. Our services are always risk-free as they are backed by our team’s dedication, integrity and a desire to earn a client’s trust.


Strategies With Proven Results

We have the most creative and analytical talent that can help you interact with your target audience to deliver results beyond your expectations. We will dive into your business industry to collect related and crucial data to analyse it to craft the best strategy for you. We will create a cross-channel strategy that will bring your target customers to you. We will also identify negative engagements if any and will craft strategies to deal with them.

Get More For What You Pay

We are not like any other social marketing handling service company that demands more fees for fewer results. We use industry-leading tools to provide you with cost-effective and actionable recommendations to maximise your leads and sales.

Reach Your Potential Customers

With our social media management team, you can target the key demographics that matter the most for your business. We know the ways through which you can interact with your potential customers. Where know where exactly they are!

Personalized & Consistent Support

We love to work with our clients every day. We provide technical support, answer queries, receive and resolve complaints of our clients even after delivering the project output. We believe in happy and satisfied customers and we work 24×7 to achieve it.

Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.

  • Social media strategy creation using data and execution of the strategy.
  • Creating brand awareness campaigns.
  • Creating and publishing content that builds a relationship with customers.
  • Increasing website exposure.
  • Strategic social media audit to identify and resolve the issues.
  • Social Media Community (group or Page) management.
  • Monitoring and managing Social Media Advertisement.

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